Hello. My name is Lat. I was 6 years old. I live with my family in a village in Perak. I have a grandmother. My grandmother worked as a rubbertapper. Every morning my grandmother would go to the rubber plantation to tap rubber.

One day, my grandmother has been falling in the rubber plantations because the land is slippery due to rain the previous day. I heard my grandmother screaming for help. Lat! Please help Grandma Lat! My home next to the rubber plantation, making her voice heard for help from rubber.

I follow to voice that, Grandma seem to sit above ground while massage the swollen legs. Grandma asked me to help him replace to tap rubber because that source of income. Kais Pagi Makan Pagi, tak kais tak makanlah. So I decided to help my grandmother to tap rubber. Keep money later to treat her feet.

Level 1
– View from the house
– His grandmother at the farm ask for help
– Lat require to tap the tree

Level 2
– Collect the latex in certain time provided
– And put in one place

Level 3
– Sell the latex to the Latex Buyer
– Get the money
– Buy medicine for his grandmother